Workers Compensation

Velocity approaches Workers’ Compensation solutions for our clients in the same manner as all of our other focus areas.  We negotiate the best possible program, regardless of the client’s company size.  We have experience in handling a wide variety of risks, ranging from the small sole proprietor to large, multi million dollar operations. We consistently strive to limit risk, maximize cash flow and negotiate maximum discounts and credits on individual policies.

Program Types

  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Large Deductible Programs
  • Retrospectively Rated
  • Divided Risks

Available Coverage

  • Voluntary Compensation and Employers Liability
  • Employers Liability (Stop-Gap Coverage)
  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  • Other States Coverage
  • Foreign Coverage
  • Federal Coverage

Maritime Acts Coverage

  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act Coverage
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Coverage
  • Defense Base Act Coverage
  • Federal Employers Liability Act Coverage

Loss Limitation Options

  • Occurrence Stop Loss
  • Aggregate Stop Loss

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